Selling a Business with Carolina Business Alliance & a CBA Certified Professional

The industry leading professionals at CBA are looking for quality businesses to represent. Our closing rate on quality businesses is nearly 3x the national average of 25% because we know how to move buyers from interest to offer. At CBA do not "list" businesses rather we represent business sellers in every step of the process. Our focused regional brand and national marketing network creates a massive buyer pool to draw from. And we only represent quality businesses.

So what is a quality business? A quality business can come from any industry but has four common requirements...

  1. Has cash flow / annual profit of at Least $100,000
  2. Has been in business at least 2.5 years
  3. Has accurate tax returns demonstrating profit
  4. You are not currently under contract with another broker

If you do not qualify as a quality business we can still help you! We have special programs in place to market & sell All Cash & Distressed Businesses.

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Do you have a quality business?

In one minute you can be on your way learning all about our unique business seller representation without upfront fees.

  • Complete the short contact form below and your local CBA Certified broker will contact you within 24 - 48 hours.

Let's start with the initial NO OBLIGATION phone meeting. To protect your confidentiality, we will not leave voice messages or voice mails unless you authorize us to do so. Please provide discreet contact details below where we can reach you directly. Please use the comments section to give us your name, contact phone number and instructions as to the best time to call. Also if you wish to share anything about your business it would be helpful to us; but is not required. Or feel free to call us at (803) 386-1898.