Welcome To Our Cash / Distressed Business Sales Division!

Carolina Business Alliance Certified Brokers can help you a sell a business with incomplete business records. The secret is our ability to find buyers looking for a business like yours who already have the understanding of how your type of business operates. They will likely have experience in running your type of business and we know how to properly demonstrate your companies value even when you tax returns do not show your true value.

We can also assist you in selling your distressed business quickly while getting some equity out of it rather than letting it just wallow away into oblivion. As such, we are your last resort before liquidation. If you are facing the real possibility of closing down and getting pennies on the dollar for your assets; why not let us try to get you full value on your assets paid in installments over a period of time negotiated between you and the buyer. The secret is our unique ability to find buyers looking for a business in you industry that would like to secure your customer and asset base.

And, as always we protect confidentiality at all times. If the offer isn't to your liking then all you have to do is reject it. And we market these types to businesses to buyers looking for distressed businesses that they can grow out.

Please feel free to E-Mail us below to get started. In the Message box please provide your Name, Your Business Name and Address & Your Private Phone Number. A brief description of your current business status and best time to return a call to you would be helpful to us in getting started.

As always you have no cost or obligation (to us) to find out if we can help!