Carolina Business Alliance - BUSINESS BUYER PACKET

Thank you for showing an interest in our business for sale listings. We ask that you please review this introduction to provide you a clear guideline of how we work and acknowledge same at the bottom of this page. Once you have reviewed this introduction then we encourage you to complete the Buyer Profile and Non-Disclosure Agreement. We will not provide further information until said Buyer Profile and Non- Disclosure have been received.

As a business buyer you need to be motivated to move forward in due diligence on any business that you have an interest. We will NOT ask you for any upfront fee or deposit for the following…

  • 1.To view the business overview and profile
  • 2.To tour the business at a scheduled time with us and our client (seller)
  • 3.To view the business financials, cash flow analysis or financial due diligence

So as you can see there is no obligation for taking the above three steps once we have received the Buyer Profile and Non- Disclosure. We will not pressure you because we know that pressure creates fear and we do not want potential buyers fearing our process.

We bring the following statements to your attention regarding our process…

  • Full Disclosure meaning we can prove all facts or financial data represented on a business
  • We have an exclusive agreement with the seller and all communication goes through us
  • We do not provide proprietary information (customer names, employee names, trade secrets)

The process is simple once this packet is completed and returned to us…

  • 1.We will provide you a basic business profile on this business
  • 2.We will arrange for a tour of the business and meeting with the owner
  • 3.We will provide you a full financial and information disclosure
  • 4.We will expedite your due diligence request for further information within 3 days
  • 5.We will discuss your interest level and the offer process (no pressure)

* Steps # 2 & 3 can be reversed upon request.

We can also provide buyer financing on most businesses listed for $250,000 and up however we cannot arrange for financing until after an offer has been accepted.

Finally keep in mind that we also provide business buyer services such as…

  • 1.Business Market Valuations on businesses you are considering not represented by us
  • 2.Business Buyer representation where you can hire us to represent you in a transaction
  • 3.Business Buyer Brokering where you hire us to target businesses right to the closing

Contact us on page 4 herein for more information regarding these services.

By signing your name here next below you acknowledge that you have reviewed this introduction.

Signature :_______________________________Date: _________/__________/_______




City:_____________________State:____________Zip Code:_____________

Phone: ____________________E-Mail:___________________________________

Geographic Area (s) of Interest: _____________________________________________

Work Experience

Current Occupation:______________________________________________

Past Experience (last 7 years):

Job /Career HistoryJob / Career Title




When requested would you provide a resume______y_______n

Financial Information

Amount of funds available: $_________________________

Are funds readily available:___________Y ___________N

If No explain:_____________________________________________________________________

Do you have a funding source: _________Y____________N

How would you rate your credit or provide credit score: ___________________________________

General Information

1.)Approximate yearly income required: $________________

2.)How many miles willing to travel from the above geographic area of interest: _____ miles

3.)Will you have a Partner: __________Y__________N _________Maybe If Needed

4.)Hours willing to work per week __________________hours

5.)Have you signed a Non-Disclosure with another broker (s): ______Y_______N

6.)Types of Business that you have an interest in:



NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with Carolina Business Alliance referred to as BROKER

It is understood and agreed to that we the BROKER identified herein will provide disclosure of confidential information that must not be disclosed or shared with anyone other than BROKER, SELLER and their financial and legal advisors. To ensure the protection of such information, and to preserve any confidentiality necessary under patent and/or trade secret laws, it is agreed to the following terms of this Non-Disclosure Agreement.

BUYER agrees all information provided by BROKER to BUYER is confidential and its disclosure to others may be damaging and detrimental to the business and that BUYER agrees to sign a Memo Record of Showing or provide a similar acknowledgement on every business disclosed by BROKER to BUYER providing proof that a business (s) was disclosed to BUYER.

BUYER agrees not to provide information regarding a disclosed business to anyone except those who may be directly involved in a sale and their financial or legal advisors or as ordered by law.

BUYER agrees not to contact SELLER (s) nor anyone that is related to the business (including but not limited to suppliers and employees) without written permission from BROKER. BUYER further agrees that all requests or questions for SELLER will be done through the BROKER unless otherwise agreed to by SELLER.

BUYER agrees that he or she may be liable for BROKER’S fee paid by the SELLER for any business disclosed to them by BROKER if either of the following conditions occurs:

Purchases a business disclosed to them by the BROKER without the involvement of BROKER.

Leases, manages or otherwise becomes involved with a business disclosed to them by BROKER.

BUYER agrees that he/she will be personally liable to pay BROKER for the BROKER’s fee paid by the SELLER if BUYER does any act that results in harm to SELLER’s business or BROKER’s contract rights with SELLER. Such acts include but are limited to BUYER making any information disclosed to them on a business public thereby breaking the strict confidentiality of the transaction or BUYER using any information provided by SELLER for their own personal gain other than purchasing SELLER’s business or anything associated with said business .

BUYER understands that the SELLER has supplied all information without BROKER’S confirmation. It is the BUYER’S responsibility to confirm the accuracy of any and all information provided to the BUYER. BUYER also agrees to indemnify and hold BROKER and its agents harmless from any claims or damages which may occur from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any information provided to BUYER with respect to any business disclosed or purchased.

BUYER agrees and understands that BROKER represents SELLER and his or her interests based on a contract with the SELLER and that BROKER has no contracted rights with BUYER. Be it understood that the BROKER’s duty is limited only to negotiating the sale of the business at mutually agreed upon terms and conditions between BUYER and the Seller.Our compensation will be received from the Seller unless other arrangements are made with you in writing.

The BUYER’S signature below acknowledges a complete understanding of ALL terms contained on this agreement.

It is agreed and understood that this Non-Disclosure Agreement has neither time limit nor geographic range.

BUYER (Please print): _____________________BUYER Signature:______________________Date: _________

BUYER (Please print): _____________________BUYER Signature:______________________Date: _________