A Bit About the Process / Our Approach & How We Are Different...

We start by completing our no obligation comprehensive Business Market Valuation. After reviewing this with you if we both agree on a market price then we will execute an 9 month (most brokers require 12 months) listing agreement. Confidentiality is our Priority #1. And our 1-on-1 philosophy is a unique systematic approach to selling a business. We recognize that the business owner is an integral part of the process because who knows their business better than them? We act as their business agent with the business owner as the star meaning we represent their interests allowing them to present their business. And before we introduce any qualified buyer to the business owner, they are fully coached buy us as to prepare them for everything that they will encounter in the process and every conceivable question a business buyer will have for them. And we will be present to represent you in every face to face buyer meeting!

Many business brokers list as many businesses as they can (sometimes with a retainer or listing fee) hoping a few of them sell. This is not our approach as we choose to work with only a selective number of quality businesses that we know that we can sell. We receive payment upon the closing of your businesses which is being paid for success rather than some misguided up-front fee!

In short, we see the process though to the closing including assisting buyers through due diligence as well as managing contingencies...getting you to the closing!

If your business sale involves the sale of real estate you should also know that we are a one stop destination to handle the entire transaction! We are licensed in both North Carolina / Broker #273005 & South Carolina / Broker #56825 to sell your property. In addition, all of our agents are covered by a $1,000,000 E & O Insurance policy; with the good news being we have never filed a claim!

You will have total piece of mind working with our Professional Brokers!